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You & Me

You & Me


  • Turn a normal day into a romantic date.
  • A romantic bed set up will be done by our team inside in a Private room.
  • Pictures on this website are from an actual date and the same experience will be replicated for you.



  • The above Surprise will be done in Resort defined by us.
  • Our Surprise squad would require at leat an hour for the set up.
  • Things used for the set up will not be taken back.
  • Once the set up is ready our Surprise Squad will leave the spot immediately.
  • Extra charges may apply as per the location you want the surprise in.
  • Please call us on +91 89397 69262 and check the availablity.
  • Available only in Chennai.
  • Note

    • Details regarding location, Cake message, contact person etc., shall be discussed through Calls / Whatsap.
    • Incase of late arraivals you can stay only for the stipulated time only.
  • Deliverables

    Private room + Romantic set up + Bouquet + Cake + other decor items

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